The mining industry is currently experiencing an exciting era of openness, positioning itself as one of the most promising sectors in terms of attracting investments and long-term development, driven by the global energy transformation. Copper and lithium, fueled by the growing demand in the electromobility sector, along with gold and silver, play a vital role in Argentina's mining appeal.

Due to its current relevance, the mining activity represents a significant commercial and business opportunity. The quality of existing projects in Argentina attracts international investors and large corporations, offering substantial benefits to the region in terms of social, professional, and economic development. The activation of a large-scale mining project alone translates into billions of dollars in investment, fostering the emergence of local suppliers, increasing demand for skilled labor, and generating new domestic and international business networks.

Within this context, the goal of Expo San Juan Minera is to establish itself as the epicenter where essential players in this productive sector come together, providing a unique platform to explore the latest trends, establish strategic connections, and unleash the potential of mining in the country.

113 projects under development

- 19 in production

- 7 under construction

- 6 in feasibility

- 6 in pre-feasibility

- 62 in advanced exploration

US$11.3 billion

in investment announced since 2020

US$ 3.8 billion in exports in 2022

and projection to quintuple the figure in 10 years

Resources and Reserves

- Lithium: 98 million / 12 million(LCE tons)

- Copper: 75.4 million tons

- Gold: 56.4 million oz.

- Silver: 2.3 million oz.