Since its foundation in 2006, the "international Exhibition: San Juan, Key Driver of the Argentine Mining Industry", also known as "San Juan International Mining Expo", has brought together key stakeholders in the mining sector from the region and around the world. Mining companies, a wide range of suppliers, public officials, and globally recognized institutions participate alongside the community in this biennial gathering held in one of the leading provinces driving the industry's development in the country. San Juan International Mining Expo offers a unique opportunity to explore the industry, connect with its key representatives, and foster new business ventures and commercial agreements.

The event provides various networking activities and commercial promotion of products and services. Additionally, it showcases machinery exhibitions, personalized business rounds, and exclusive meetings for sponsors and exhibitors. Technical conferences, seminars, and training sessions are also held, ensuring that each edition of Expo engages the community through interactive activities, making it a significant event that brings together the entire Argentine mining sector.

The event is primarily composed of:
Supplier Companies
Mining Companies
Government Officials and Diplomatic Corps
Related Institutions and Organizations
5 %
Additionally, the following groups participate:
  • Local communities
  • Students and young Professionals
  • Academics
  • Foreign trade missions
  • Mining workers
  • Representatives from other industries